Dr. Schnarrs private practice deals predominantly with cosmetic plastic surgery and reconstructive breast surgery. He is regionally recognized as a leader in breast reconstruction for correction of congenital anomalies and after mastectomy for carcinoma. Dr. Schnarrs practice also encompasses the treatment of upper extremity and had injuries and anomalies, as well correction of craniomaxilofacial injuries. He actively participates in the care of burn victims in association with the trauma service at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital.

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Dr. Schnarrs’ Corner

Breast Augmentation

The ideal candidate for an augment has her nipple situated above the inframammary fold line. This means that there is no PTOSIS. When the nipple is at or below the fold the breast is considered to be PTOTIC and often is not suitable for augmentation unless a skin tightening procedure (MASTOPEXY) is done as well.

Mastopexy/ Breastlift

Woman with breast ptosis have an excess of breast skin in comparison to the amount of underlying breast tissue. The skin is lax and does not support and shape the breast.

Breast Reduction

Breast reductions are today the most common functional procedures done for alleviation of excessive breast weight,shoulder grooving, neck and upper back pain, intertrigo (skin infection under the breast) and Gigantomastia.

Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction today is usually done at the same time as the mastectomy procedure. Most, but not all patients are candidates for reconstruction using their own tissues (flaps). The TRAM flap is the most frequently used method of reconstruction for patients who want and are candidates for breast reconstruction using their own tissues.